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The University of the Philippines Diliman is the lead University of the ERDT Program that offers various mature graduate degree programs in engineering ranging from remote sensing, geoinformatics to the more traditional programs of civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Since all of the engineering graduate degree programs are supported by ERDT, majority of the ERDT scholars study at UP Diliman.


UP Diliman is also supported by ERDT in other components of ERDT such as faculty development, visiting professor program and infrastructure development.


To know more about UP Diliman [Link to UP Diliman Website]




Maria Antonia N. Tanchuling, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Engineering

Program Leader


Roel M. Ocampo, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Instructions and Research

Project Leader


Project Staff Members:

Local Graduate Scholarship: Joy B. Bolina

Foreign Fellowship and Scholarship: Kathleen T. Cargullo

Financial Management: Amihan I. Dumduma

Technical Assistance and Research Inventory: Dante G. Dumduma

Events and Engagement: Anthony E. Lazo

Research Grant and Procurement: Genelyn T. Perez

Property and Logistics: Lionel S. Villanueva




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